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Unlike Cvent, Everybooking is the #1 Event Registration Platform Without The High Fees

Everybooking is the better alternative to Cvent for features and pricing. You'll save thousands when switching from Cvent to Everybooking.

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Cvent's high fees are robbing event organizers of thousands of dollars better spent on their event.

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Feature comparison

Everybooking Pricing

$0.99 per attendee + 1% (Max $4.99)

Cvent Express

$3 per attendee + 3.99% credit card fees

Cvent Standard

$8-$12 per attendee + 3.99% credit card fees

Book, reserve or rent products or services
Embed or use our landing pages
Quick start templates
Quiz funnel builder
Conditional product recommendations
Conditional funnel paths
A/B split-testing
HTTPS custom domains
Custom scripts manager
Upsells & cross-sells
GPT-4 access
Full feature inventory support
Email invitations & lists
Limited to one
Registration types
Group registration
Offline payments
Conditional logic
Merchandise & product sales
Ambassador program
Charitable tax exempt value for items
Unlimited free admin accounts
Built-in conversion rate tracking

*Pricing Disclaimer: Cvent prices subject to change depending on events; request a quote from Cvent for its current pricing.  Listed price above is based on actual customer quotes provided by Cvent sales associates as of March of 2018. Cvent pricing is based on number of registrants and other factors. Common quotes for Cvent Express is $3 a registrant + 3.99%. |  Common quotes for Cvent Professional are between $8 to $12 per registrant + 3.99%. Common Cvent fees not included in this chart may include annual license fees typically of $1,500 per year and $250 per additional admin login. Quotes typically require multi year contracts and all fees are typically required to be pre-paid up front. Above pricing does not include their mobile application which ranges between $3,000-$3,900 per year for their social wall feature.

Price Breakdown

The pricing speaks for itself. Everybooking is far and away a more affordable alternative to Cvent.

99¢ + 1%

Per attendee (Max $4.99)

$0.00 Use your own card processor

No contracts
No annual fees
No pre-payment of fees

$3 to $12

Per attendee

+ 3.99% credit card processing

2 year contract minimum
Annual license fee
Pre-pay registration fees

Why choose Everybooking over Cvent?

From long term contracts to pre-paying all your reg fees, Cvent comes with some baggage. Here's how Everybooking compares.

Published pricing and terms

Everybooking pricing is published for all to see. To get Cvent's pricing, you have to attend a demo, speak to sales people, and get a proposal.

Direct funding

Everybooking gives you direct funding. Cvent Payment Services delays deposits until the last week of the following month.

Pay as you go

Everybooking, you only pay what you use. Cvent requires you to pre-pay your registrants up front.

Simple low rate

Everybooking pricing is 99 cents + 1% per registrant plus credit card fees. Cvent charges annual fees, admin user fees, and makes you pre-pay up front.

Zero contracts or cancellation fees

Enjoy zero contracts with Everybooking. Cvent typically requires multi-year contracts that you must pay in full even if you leave.

Unlimited free admins

Everybooking gives you as many users and admins to your account for free. Cvent typically charges $250 per year for each additional admin.

Get started today. Pay as you go. Cancel whenever.

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No membership fees or contracts. No hidden fees, surprises, or shenanigans.

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