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Bizzabo's high fees are robbing event organizers of thousands of dollars better spent on their event.

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Compare Bizzabo's Pricing to Everybooking

Everybooking's pricing is only $0.99 cents + 1% per paid attendee.

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Feature comparison

Everybooking Pricing

$0.99 per attendee + 1% + 2.99% credit card fees


Starts at $15,000 year according to Capterra

Book, reserve or rent products or services
Embed or use our landing pages
Quick start templates
Quiz funnel builder
Conditional product recommendations
Conditional funnel paths
A/B split-testing
HTTPS custom domains
Custom scripts manager
Upsells & cross-sells
GPT-4 access
Full feature inventory support
Custom email invitations & analytics
Registration types
Group registration
Offline payments
Conditional logic
Merchandise & product sales
Ambassador program
Charitable tax exempt value for items
Unlimited free admin accounts
Built-in conversion rate tracking

Price Breakdown

The pricing speaks for itself. Everybooking is far and away a more affordable alternative to Bizzabo.

99¢ + 1%

Per attendee

+ 2.99% credit card processing

No contracts
No annual fees
No pre-payment of fees

$15k per year

Starting price for the basic plan according to Capterra

Branding autonomy
Easy setup
Affordable pricing model

Why choose Everybooking over Bizzabo?

From steep fees to fewer features, Bizzabo comes with some downsides. Here's how Everybooking compares.

Published pricing and terms

Everybooking pricing is published for all to see. To get Bizzabo's pricing, you have to attend a demo, speak to a salesperson, and get a proposal. Who has time for that?

Better reviews

Still unsure if Everybooking is the better alternative? You don’t have to take our word for it - check out the reviews on Reviewers found Everybooking, "easier to use, set up, and administer." Additionally, reviewers reported that Everybooking met the needs of their business better than Bizzabo.

Bizzabo is light on key features

Everybooking has all the features you need to support your event—from waitlists to email lists to best in class registration options. Bizzabo is missing a few key features, including event tracking, conferencing, and meeting management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Everybooking have the features to support my event?

Everybooking has all the features you need to support your event—from waitlists to email lists to class registration options!

Is there a limit to the size of my event with Everybooking?

Of course not! We welcome you to Everybooking no matter the size of your event!

What is Everybooking's pricing?

What is Everybooking's pricing? Everybooking pricing is published for all to see. Everybooking pricing is 99¢ + 1% per registrant plus credit card fees.

What is Bizzabo's pricing?

To find Bizzabo's pricing, you have to attend a demo, speak to salespeople, and get a proposal. If you search the internet review sources, however, they list the starting price at $15,000 a year.

What kind of events can I host with Everybooking?

Everybooking is an in-person registration system and virtual event platform in one.  From camps to conferences to classes and more, Everybooking is a highly customizable, incredibly affordable way to power your registration-based events.

What do the reviews say about Bizzabo compared to Everybooking?

According to the trusted review site G2, “reviewers found Everybooking easier to use, set up, and administer.” Additionally, reviewers felt that Everybooking met the needs of their business better than Bizzabo.

Can I get support with Everybooking?

Yes! At Everybooking, we’re easy to get a hold of through chat, phone, email, and Zoom for support. But don’t take our word for it; listen to what our customers have to say. Shannon from G2 says, “The best part is the outstanding customer service and tech support! The team was quick to respond to any questions I had.”

How do I check in attendees at my event?

We have an app for that! Check-in your attendees faster than ever before with Everybooking's check in app. Learn how to check in attendees here.

Can I move to Everybooking from another event platform?

Yes. And we’re happy to help import your attendee contact base. Reach out to our Solutions team to start the process.

Does Everybooking offer onboarding or account setup?

For larger events, we do offer custom onboarding. But Everybooking is so user friendly, it's also easy to do it yourself. Any questions you can chat or schedule a call with our support team here.

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