Your Event Marketing Revolution Starts Here: Strategy Meets AI Agent Automation

Leverage our 94% strategy rating that is backed by over 10,000 reviews. Capitalize on our 391% lead engagement engine to jumpstart your revenue in less than 30 days.

Kevin Penner is the head lead for our Everybooking team, and a 25 year owner of a large retreat and conference venue in Canada. A certified 1PMP coach and founder of tech company acquired for 8 figures in 2022 by a Fortune 500.

You've increased your lead engagement by 391% using Instant Quote AI Agent Automations, now how do I up my conversion rate?

In the world of business, figuring out how to get leads to convert is the strategy where you repeatedly seek out and identify windfalls, systemically keeping your winners and document the losers until you are operating from a pool of winning offers and refined systems.

The magic ingredient for this strategy to work is getting a consistently high volume flow of leads from your targeted audience at low or no cost. Without finding a low cost way of finding high volumes of leads you can't tell statically what is truly a winning offer and something you should pour your ad dollars into.

This is where Strategy and the Instant Quote AI Automations come in. Adding Instant Quote to your website will produce perfectly personalized quotes and increase your lead engagement from website and social. The automation does this at a cost of pennies on the dollar when compared to paying people to do that same kind of work.

Incorporating our written strategy into your venue is generally a 6 to 18 months process. It will lead to higher conversions rates over time with testimonies of businesses experiencing 200% to 300% sales increases, making it well worth the time to implement into your event venue's long term strategy.

Everybooking positions itself, as an indispensable partner in helping your venue get a refined pool of winning offers at low cost. We help you find the best ways to consistently get high volume no-cost and low cost leads for your targeted audience. We assist you in reworking your website, manage your social ads and get flyers, letters and postcards into the hands of your ideal audience. Sign up for a free consultation and get our #1 rated Strategy eBook. Our 25 years in the venue and tech industry along with our strong ties to Allan Dib, author of our Strategy Book make us a safe place to get the help you need.

So, how do you elevate your business?

You Need to use AI Agents Automation

AI Agent Automations are your most powerful tool for increasing your business without increasing the hours worked.

You Need to Delegate

Dare to delegate! What you can't automate delegate to the right people in the right seat and let their unique ability shine.

You Need a Written Strategy

It needs to be written so that even when a boss or manager is not around, the business will continue to thrive just by following written instructions. We are certified mentors of the written 1 Page Marketing Plan Strategy and have 25 years of experience in working with Event Venue business.

You Know the What, Let Us Guide You on the How

Just as a basketball team thrives on the synergy of its members, your event venue can achieve unparalleled success by focusing on your unique strengths and partnering with the right collaborators. EveryBooking acts as your strategic ally, connecting you with tools, strategies and using our experience to complement the talents and ambitions in your team.

Who It’s For, What’s Included, How We Work, FAQs, Book a Call & Find Out More

This Is Not for Everyone

Especially if you're:

  • Resistant to change – openness to new, innovative approaches is crucial.

  • Expecting us to do everything – our role is to strengthen your capabilities, not replace them.

Agencies are outcome-focused

Are you:

  • Prepared to invest in technology that could significantly increase your revenue.

  • Willing to embrace growth strategies.
    Trusting in the process and committed to consistent execution.

  • Poised to experience the most profitable years of your business.

See How We've Helped Event Venues Like Yours

In addition to our Agency solving your biggest problems...

We also provide services from $85usd per hour for businesses not large enough to hire a full time in-house specialist.
We can..

  • Write custom automations

  • Manage your lead funnels

  • Manage your website and optimize for conversion

  • Manage your social media advertising

  • Manage your outbound letters and flyers

  • Let us Assistance you in hiring an operations implementer.

What We Offer

We focus on AI agent automation, delegation, and a written strategy with a bent to using AI agents technology to significantly help reduce operational costs while increasing your profit margins and revenue. Our world-class advisors, mentored by Kevin Penner will provide practical, actionable outcomes that will change your daily operations in profound ways.

If Working Almost Daily with Kevin is Essential…

In addition to our Agency offering, Kevin coaches a select few through his Priority and Enterprise coaching plans, which offers exclusive mentorship from Kevin Penner our CEO.

Access to Our External Experts

Gain insights in SEO, PPC, web development, email marketing, and more.

How We Work

We start by asking questions and listen until we comprehend the root need, then weigh the cost / reward options with the end goal to steadily increase your profitability.

How to best use automations?

We will start with the lowest hanging fruit. Survival to stability, from stability to success, from success to significance.

"Do I really need an operations implementer?"

Assess your current operations against the effectiveness that AI automations would bring to your venue. If there's uncertainty, our strategic guidance can be the key to unlocking your business's potential.

We’ve Served Clients Globally

Kevin has served clients from well known billionaires to teens doing their first start-up. Explore how we can tailor our services to your unique needs.

Prices and Budgeting

Ready to start now?

Consultations are free and without obligation, if your venue would like help give us a call.

Tech services from $1.50usd per minute.

Book a call and learn more
Turn-key solutions
Quality implementers
Worldclass Strategy
Strong communication
Slack Support

Discounts for not-for-profits.

Apply for a discount if you are a not-for-profit and doing something to help make the world a better place.

$1 to planet, $1 to ending poverty, #cause.

Every month we’ll donate $1 of your subscription to help families in need and $1 to end poverty in cities.

Common Questions We Get

Addressing your concerns about ROI, budgeting, and working with our team, including the opportunity to work directly with Kevin Penner.

How quickly can I expect to see an ROI on a custom project with your Agency?

Listen, it depends what you’re starting with.

While our Instant Quote AI will generally provide opportunities for quick, immediate wins, your messaging and how you are positioning your event venue in the market will require a different mindset of “I need everything perfect NOW” mindset. Once we have your advertising foundations and marketing infrastructure set up (which can take anywhere from 1-9 months, depending on where you start), you’ll start to see the biggest results in about 3-6 months.

How much should I budget for my Agency and Marketing expenses?

This will vary for each individual clients’ needs, so we cannot give you an exact number, but we recommend between 7% and 12% of your gross revenue per year if you are a mid sized company. Agency solutions like our can generate massive returns and always aim to offset your spend with profits far exceeding the initial investment.

What if I really want to work with Kevin Penner?

All our team has been personally mentored and vetted by Kevin, and all strategic recommendations come with his approval, but if you wish to work with Kevin himself, you may apply to upgrade to the Priority or Enterprise package. Kevin will personally create your strategy for Personal clients. He also can appear as an external expert for clients on our Priority and Enterprise packages.

Do you provide refunds?

Due to the nature of agencies, coaching and IP, we do not provide refunds. However, we will work with you to make sure you’re on track in the event that you have any blockers when it comes to marketing.