What's New

Introducing our new Booking Survey feature!

Onboard clients into your booking flow with ease. The Booking Survey feature allows you to design a custom flow for taking customer information and streamlining the booking process allowing you to save time and energy. Access this new feature at Survey Editor

Update: 'Leads' Added to Pipedrive Integration

We've expanded our Pipedrive integration to support creating and updating 'Leads' within your Pipedrive account through Everybooking automations. Just select 'Create a Lead' or 'Update a Lead' from the list of Actions in your Flow editor.

New Integration: Mailchimp Email Actions

We have added Mailchimp as a new email integration on our Automations/Flow editor to allow you to send customized emails from your Mailchimp account through Everybooking. You can access this new integration in the Survey Editor.

New Integration: Pipedrive CRM + Product Updates

We are now offering a direct Pipedrive integration for Automations allowing you to create and update deals, plus more! This will be the first of many integrations to come in the weeks and months ahead. You can configure your Pipedrive API keys in your Account Settings. Enjoy!